The goal of Kona Publishing & Media group is to become a leader in the Higher Education publishing industry by creating innovative products and solutions for higher education that capture the vision of our authors and the instructors we serve.  We will revolutionize the academic publishing industry by introducing new products, philosophies, ideas, research and technologies that other publishers are reluctant to experiment with, mainly because they fear losing market share.  Simply put, many publishers believe the risk of creating a product that is unique from the competition jeopardizes sales and profits.  Consequently, most publishers produce unimaginative, overpriced generic products that are strikingly similar to those of their competitors.

At Kona Publishing & Media Group, we recognize that every author, professor, and instructor has a unique vision, philosophy, approach, and pedagogy. The objective of our highly experienced editorial team is to consult with both authors and instructors to ensure that we understand your vision and that we create a strategic plan that brings that vision to life in the products we produce. Kona is dedicated to communicating the vision of the authors who create our products and the instructors who adopt our products to students in a media that is most suitable to their learning preferences and at a price that is affordable.

While most of the publishing giants are motivated by corporate profits, we are driven by our passion for bringing the innovative thoughts, research, and ideas of our authors to the Higher Education classroom and by providing students with a valuable and memorable learning experience.  We invite you to experience the Kona difference today.

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